BMC Racing Cup #3 - Solothurn

Rider Cat Result
Martin Gujan Elite 9th

Martin Gujan Race Report: Martin Gujan

After the World Cup in South Africa there was the next big race on the schedule, the Hors Category race in Haiming. I was looking forward to the really nice course in Oetztal. It’s a real mountain bike course with tons of roots.

I was standing in the second start line next to famous names in mountain bike sport. My start was good and I was in the Top 10. Unfortunately a contender made a gap in the first downhill to the front group. In the next uphill we tried to catch them again but I had to pay for that in the next technical section. It’s not good if you are too tired in these sections - like this you make a lot of mistakes and you lose time again. Such a crash happened to me, in the worst moment. You fight for every meter and then… bamm you are lying on the ground and everything was for nothing. Afterwards I was riding my laps, once better, once worse and at the end I crossed the line on the 9th place.

Already next week there will be the next race, the BMC Racing Cup in Solothurn.