BMC Racing Cup #3 - Solothurn

Rider Cat Result
Martin Gujan Elite 11th

Martin Gujan Race Report: Martin Gujan

Every May there are the Bike Days in Solothurn. During the festival there is the BMC Racing Cup.

The first lap is really important on the fast course. There is a flat part where you need a good group that you don’t have always to try to catch other contenders there.

In the first uphill I couldn’t stay with the front group and I had a small gap. In the flat I tried first alone then together with Milatz to catch a group in front of us. With this effort I „destroyed“ myself that I nearly had to step down from the bike in the next uphill. I tried to recover a little bit and was hanging in the group who caught me. In there it was getting better and better every lap.

I could move forward some positions and finished on 11th place.