BMC Racing Cup #2 - Buchs

Rider Cat Result
Martin Gujan Elite 15th

Martin Gujan Race Report: Martin Gujan

Nasty weather at BMC Racing Cup in Buchs

Well, my motivation to race was not that high when I woke up in the morning. Outside was snow. Especially before and after the race it's not so comfortable in these conditions. During the race I have less problems but rather I have an advantage to the most contenders. Due to nearly zero degree I chose to ride with a raining vest. I hoped to freeze later than the others like this...!

The start was perfect although I couldn’t reach the top of the course with the leaders. But I knew that in these wet and cold conditions the final laps would decide.

Unfortunately I recognized at the beginning of the 2nd lap that my rear wheel lost some air. The way to the tech zone was still long and I hoped that I could reach it passably. Of course I lost some positions. When I tried to fight back I had to stop again to adjust my shifting. I could move forward a little bit in the next laps but more than a 15th place was not able.

I expected more of this race but I saw that in the "normal" laps I could step on the gas.