Orange Monkey MTB Pro Team to wear the Dharma

SpiukUK-based Orange Monkey Pro Team will wear the new Dharma from Spiuk at the 2014 MTB World Cup. It will be the first appearance on the circuit of the new helmet developed by the Basque maker of cycling accessories. The British team will also wear the 15 MC shoes for mountain biking races, in a season that promises to be exciting.

About to embark on their 10th season, Orange Monkey have grown to become one of the most well recognised outfits on the World Cup circuit. The UCI Mountain Bike Team has a reputation for developing talent and allowing it to flourish.

This season, the team are wearing the brand-new Dharma helmet. The bikers of the MTB team will be really safe, since this helmet uses CONEHEAD among other technologies, which consists in an EPS injection system that adds dual density to the impact absorption foam. The outer layer, harder and of higher density, absorbs direct impacts, while the inner layer, softer and next to the head, helps attenuate the impact of the interior of the helmet on the head and reduce the effect of peak deceleration, that is, it weakens the force of the brain striking the inner surface of the skull, thus lowering the risk of head injury.

The 2014 season will witness the official debut of the Dharma as worn by the big teams and riders sponsored by SPIUK. At SPIUK, they are ‘really happy to be working with a big team like Orange Monkey Pro Team, whose values are similar to ours – hard work, self-sacrifice and hope. We wish they can show the power of the #Green_fever wherever they go.’

Spiuk - Press Release

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